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TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd. (TAT)

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$TAT - Red Hot Mega Pick Jun 10, 2016 07:26

    STOCKTRADEWIRE June 10, 2016 Red Hot Mega Pick ($TAT) We’ve found an excellent opportunity in one of the few oil and gas names that’s still ripe for the picking at this time. Many of these micro cap stocks have risen over 300% from their bottom this year but this is a very unknown name that’s ready to go long term, I believe we have an easy double here in the long term. The rebound more
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Mid Day Alert for 8-17-11: Keep TAT on your radar, it can pop with the amount of accumulation coming in. Natural gas and crude oil as we all know haunts us but we can take advantage by researching TAT and make money as crude oil rises! Keep these stocks on your radar and be ready for our next big pick coming soon! Accumulation Alert: TAT (+7.41%) TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd. engages in the acquisition, development, more
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