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Today's Gold Pick is SMNG Dec 20, 2010 09:39

  Home | Stock ideas | Stock Chat Today's Gold Pick is SMNG In a World Gone CRAZY for Gold, SMNG May be the Best Play of All! Trade Alert Reason #1 For every $100 traders put in Strategic Mining Corp. (SMNG) at the end of October, and held their shares, they'd now have $480 today! By comparison, every $100 they put in GDX, the broad Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF, is now worth...$106. And more
Promoter: The Penny Stocks Finder Paying Party: Equities Awareness Group
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SMNG $30,000
BlueWave, LLC and its affiliates currently hold no shares in the profiled company
Max Profit: 13.33 % Gain at close: -13.27 %
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