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Charles Schwab Corporation (The (SCHW)

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* The information presented is based on information for Jan , 2011
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority announced today that it has ordered Charles Schwab Corp. (NYSE:SCHW), to pay $18 million into a Fair Fund to be established by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to repay investors in YieldPlus, an ultra short-term bond fund managed by Schwab’s affiliate, Charles Schwab Investment Management. The $18 million consists of the $17.5 million in fees that Schwab collected for sales of the fund, more
Promoter: Paying Party: UNKNOWN
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500,000 free trading shares
500,000 restricted trading shares
The 500,000 144 shares were valued at $65,000, and so were the 500,000 free trading shares.
Max Profit: 30.87 % Gain at close: 0.08 %
SCHW Unknown compensation UNKNOWN
Max Profit: 30.87 % Gain at close: 0.08 %
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