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Powersafe Technology Corp. (PSFT)

Total paid for Promotions this month: $3,500
E-mails this Month: 1
Estimated Volume Generated: $2,811
Research Report on PSFT: Click to see
* The information presented is based on information for Jun , 2013
This new stock pick will ENHANCE more than Wise Alerts members’ portfolios!       Amplification Technologies, Inc., A division of Powersafe Technology Corp. Ticker: PSFT Alert Price: 0.07 Float: 12,000,000 Shares Outstanding: 62,763,622 Current Market Value: $4,770,035 Website:   Good Evening Wise Alert Members,       In our previous e mail, we disclosed more
Promoter: Paying Party: UNKNOWN
Stocks covered: Compensation: Avg $ Volume for Period:
PSFT $3,500 2,811
Max Profit: 0.00 % Gain at close: 0.00 %
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