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Omagine, Inc. (OMAG)

Total paid for Promotions this month: $7,500
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* The information presented is based on information for Oct , 2013

Stock Alert--OMAG.QB--8K Oct 10, 2013 14:32

    Good Afternoon, Our newest stock alert, OMAG Omagine, Inc. published their 8K today, and we feel it will help you make an informed decision on investing in OMAG.You can see it here: can continue your research here. their web site: Good Luck!   ISG The company more
Promoter: Information Solutions Group, LLC Paying Party: No Third Party
Stocks covered: Compensation: Avg $ Volume for Period:
OMAG $7,500
50,000 restricted trading shares
Max Profit: 65.33 % Gain at close: Pending
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