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Next Fuel, Inc. (NXFI)

Total paid for Promotions this month: $8,500
E-mails this Month: 1
Estimated Volume Generated: $5,400
Research Report on NXFI: Click to see
* The information presented is based on information for Dec , 2014
Hi Tonny Here's an EXCITING OPPORTUNITY! NXFI - Next Fuel Inc, Next Fuel, Inc. develops and commercializes innovative technologies associated with renewable energy, including unconventional natural gas production from lower-grade coal, lignite, oil shale and other carbonaceous deposits. Next Fuel, Inc. is a provider of water consulting, filtration technology and services to the oil and gas industry, as well more
Promoter: Paying Party: Bonjour capital ,LLC
Stocks covered: Compensation: Avg $ Volume for Period:
NXFI $8,500 5,400
Max Profit: 1.91 % Gain at close: 1.91 %
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