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Myson Group, Inc. (MYSN)

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New August Stock Alert-MYSN Aug 03, 2015 08:33

  Click to view this email in a browser 08-03-15Good Morning, We are extremely excited to announce our new alert for the month of August! MYSN--Myson Group, Inc. You can begin your research here: Good Luck!   ISG Originally established in 1987 as Lewis Resources, Inc., a Nevada corporation, Myson Group, Inc. has operated in the areas more
Promoter: Information Solutions Group, LLC Paying Party: PHI Group, Inc.
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Max Profit: 0.00 % Gain at close: Pending
          Good Morning Traders,   We are coming off of a Monster win and have a huge week planned ahead.   We are coming off of a big win and are changing our strategy up.   There are several companies on our radar this week.   I am not going to write too much about this first one.   The offer has gapped up 100% premarket.   The merits of the company itself are solid but I am not going more
Promoter: Winston Small Cap Paying Party: UNKNOWN
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MYSN No compensation UNKNOWN
Max Profit: 23.45 % Gain at close: Pending