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1st NRG Corp. (FNRC)

Total paid for Promotions this month: $13,500
E-mails this Month: 26
Estimated Volume Generated: $73,891
Research Report on FNRC: Click to see
* The information presented is based on information for Dec , 2013
  This Week's Pick Is:FNRC Good Afternoon Fellow Traders,I have received an avalanche of emails following my latest email titled: Golden Rules Of Penny Stocks. I am truly honorted and grateful for your taking the time to read through the article.Many of you have asked me to get started on applying what we are learning. So let's get started. I decided torelease my new pick earlier than planned to really give us an edge and give more
Promoter: Penny Stocks VIP Paying Party: OGE ICAHN Partners
Stocks covered: Compensation: Avg $ Volume for Period:
FNRC $45,000 7,773
Max Profit: -100.00 % Gain at close: 2.63 %
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